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EETE APR 2014 A leading reference resource for electronics engineers, EE Times Europe’s White Paper library includes over 600 white papers, application notes, technical articles, books and case studies that can be downloaded free of charge. The latest featured papers are available below. Measurement applications across multiple test platforms Expand the capabilities of your PXIe vector signal analyzers (PXI VSAs) with Agilent’s library of X-Series measurement applications – the same applications used to increase the capability and functionality of its X-Series signal analyzers. Eleven of the most popular applications are now available for use with Agilent’s M9391A PXIe VSA and the new M9393A PXIe performance VSA. When you combine the raw hardware speeds of the PXI VSAs and the X-Series measurement applications for modular instruments, you can test more products in less time while ensuring measurement continuity from design to manufacturing. The Dangers of Over-Engineering a Safe System Attempts to deal with a specific safety issue without considering the question of overall system dependability may lead to the introduction of new problems. We use the example of an in-cab train controller for an Automated Train Operations (ATO) system to examine the effect on dependability of adding software error detection to a 2oo2 system, consider the benefits and adverse consequences of this approach, and suggest other approaches to improving dependability. How and where to use Hall-effect rotaryposition sensors There are a wide range of components, switches and sensors found inside most motorised vehicles that are used for personal transportation or for heavy industry. Designed to measure, monitor and provide feedback, Hall-effect rotary-position sensors can be used in a variety of transport applications such as cars, trucks, buses and boats as well as in a wide range of industrial applications. Optimise Thermal Management of ChiP Products Vicor’s new ChiP Platform provides a dramatic improvement in thermal management, allowing cooling through both the top and bottom sides of the package, as well as through the leads. The thermal performance of this new packaging technology helps power system designers keep pace with the demands to increase power density at a greater rate than improvements in converter efficiency. The latest white paper from Vicor describes a model of the thermal performance of the ChiP plaform and looks at the range of online design tools available to help designers optimise the thermal performance of their systems. Proper use of Field Analyzers at Lower Frequencies Most RF field probes are designed to measure only the root mean square (RMS) of a continuous wave (CW) electric field over a broad range of frequencies and amplitudes. This is not the case for the AR Field Analyzer. The AR Field Analyzer contains an embedded web-page that has the ability to measure CW and Modulated electric field or power density in the time domain using an oscilloscope type display. Wireless Sensor Network Challenges and Solutions Multichannel time-synchronized mesh networks based on 802.15.4 radios address many of the challenges, such as interference and multipath fading, involved in building flexible, reliable, low-power wireless sensor networks. Markets for wireless sensor networks (WSNs) include building automation, industrial control, home automation, smart grid and automated metering infrastructure (AMI), industrial process automation, environmental monitoring, parking and transit infrastructure, energy monitoring and inventory control. Electronic Engineering Times Europe April 2014 51

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