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EETE DEC 2013 Primary Logo The Newest Products for Your Newest Designs® More New Products More New Technologies More Added Every Day Authorised distributor of semiconductors and electronic components for design engineers. Tiny Blue, a MPOS unit by German company PCP (Products for Card Payments). Electronic Engineering Times Europe December 2013 13 NewestProd_UK_93x277.indd 1 10/14/13 9:23 AM uct at the show, dubbed Tiny Blue, a MPOS unit measuring 88x68x22mm and featuring all the right security certifications (PCI-PTS/SRED, EMV L1, L2). The company sees potential growth both in new markets created by mobile merchants, and in traditional POS circuits as a lower cost and more mobile replacement solution. Just to follow the trends, some more established vendors like the Korean POS manufacturer Bítel for example, also displayed mock up solutions, still in the design stage. With its iCM unit measuring 116x68x14mm, well-known POS manufacturer Ingenico is also keeping a close eye on this market. Indeed during the show, a designer from Ingenico took a keen interest at Jusp’s offering, acknowledging that their solution must have been tricky to design in such a compact form (less than a third the size of Ingenico’s implementation). While it is assumed that these new MPOS solutions could rely on off-the-shelf certified secure chips already commonly used in the smart-card industry (most would not disclose what was inside), Ezetap Mobile Solutions’ CTO and Co-Founder Bhaktha Keshavachar (from Bangalore, India) was keen to exhibit his mobile POS unit on Maxim Integrated’s booth. With the 78x45x10mm certified Ezetap unit, Keshavachar is ready to go to market, first in India, with plans to expand globally. Although Maxim Integrated had not officially announced it, for such compact designs, the company has taped out a trimmed-down version of its DeepCover Secure Microcontroller, USIP Professional IC, dubbed USIP-L for Lite. Offering the same level of security around a 32-bit RISC core (MIPS32 4KSd), but fewer peripherals (none for printers), the USIP-L chip comes in a 8x8mm package instead of the regular 15x15mm offering. For 2014 the company plans to keep the package size but integrate more functionalities. Built around Maxim Integrated’s USIP-L (the small black chip), the Ezetap MPOS unit connects to smartphones either through their audio-jack, USB or Bluetooth.

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