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EETE FEB 2014 A leading reference resource for electronics engineers, E Times Europe’s White Paper library includes over 600 white papers, application notes, technical articles, books and case studies that can be downloaded free of charge. The latest featured papers are available below. Software-Defined Radio Handbook The folks at Pentek, who wrote the book on software radio, are pleased to announce their expanded Software-Defined Radio Handbook. Updated recently, the handbook has proved to be a useful technical reference for engineers. Handbook highlights: Technical methodologies for sampling and undersampling; Principles of SDR and FPGAs’ role in software radio; SDR board-level products and realtime recording and playback instruments; Factory- installed FPGA IP cores for software radio; and SDR example applications. Understanding WLAN offload in cellular networks The coming challenge for Wi-FiTM offload is to provide a converged network solution for a seamless, transparent and better user experience. The user will not have to interact with its smartphone or mobile device in any way to switch from 3G/ LTE to Wi-FiTM. The data stream will even be able to use both connections at the same time depending on QoS requirements. This short guide explores the technical aspects of Wi-FiTM offload architecture and its related capabilities. It concludes with an overview on testing methods. High-voltage DC distribution is key to increased system efficiency The pressure throughout the energy supply chain to deliver electrical power more efficiently is intense and growing, particularly in high load applications such as datacenters. The latest white paper from Vicor highlights how a transition to 400 VDC for power transmission and conversion offers tangible and significant benefits for both sourcing options and system performance. And provides a significant response to initiatives for reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, lowering energy consumption and increasing use of renewable energy sources. Solutions for LTE-Advanced Manufacturing Test – Understanding the Requirements for LTE Carrier aggregation (CA), introduced in the 3GPP Release 10 standard, is an important new feature of LTE-Advanced. Carrier aggregation enables the combining of multiple LTE carriers into a larger, singlechannel bandwidth to increase data rates and throughput. For operators with limited or fragmented spectrum allocations, carrier aggregation is a way to keep pace with the growing data demands on their networks. Super-Heterodyne Signal Analyzers Signal analyzers encompass test and measurement receivers known as spectrum analyzers and vector signal analyzers. The signal analyzer is to the frequency domain what the oscilloscope is to the time domain: a general purpose test instrument that can measure and display electrical signals. Using WiGig to enable PushVoD The rise of the smartphone and tablet PC has driven an exponential growth in mobile video consumption. But the rise of ultra highspeed wireless technologies, such as WiGig, and the very large flash memory embedded in portable devices gives an opportunity to offload the bandwidth needs onto WiFi LANs; syncing video and large files to the mobile’s cache – a technique called PushVoD. Here we look at PushVoD, the market, how to address the challenges, the opportunities for operators, how to exploit them and how to enable the technology on a mobile platform. Electronic Engineering Times Europe February 2014 51

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