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EETE JAN 2015 The Newest Products for Your Newest Designs® More new products More new technologies More added every day Authorised distributor of semiconductors and electronic components for design engineers. Bosch Sensortec will be following. But for our customers right now high integration is not necessary and too expensive. In the domains we are addressing the customers value short time-to-market and flexibility. So we are not only hardware but also a software company. There is the great scope to save energy for battery-operated device by crafting the best algorithms and writing optimized embedded software.” Every Bosch product connected to the Internet Mueller said that BCDS will also be supported by an internal market for its solutions within Robert Bosch as it will have a dual role with both external and internal customers. “The company has stated that every Bosch product will be connected to the Internet,” said Mueller indicating that this represents a significant amount of work that BCDS will be required to contribute to other divisions. “We are starting with home appliances and power tools. And for these customers time to market is key.” With regard to external customers BCDS is likely to start with the smart home and transport and logistics, Mueller said. “We will also be working on the connected industry but there are many locations internally where we can deploy wireless sensor networks. And it is much better where we can bring proven solutions to market,” Mueller said. There is another way that BCDS may differ from previous Bosch subsidiaries, partly because of the position it is taking in the market, closer to systems and services. “The automotive group does much work alone. BCDS will have to be very open to partnership.” Mueller pointed out that ABB, Bosch, Cisco plan to establish a joint venture that will develop and operate an open software platform for smart home devices and applications. In addition to developing and operating the software platform, the companies intend to invite appliance manufacturers, home automation Electronic Engineering Times Europe January 2015 17 Newestproducts_93x277.indd 1 09/12/14 09:55 vendors, and service providers to join a business ecosystem. By creating a standard open software platform that will enable the exchange of data between different manufacturers’ devices the three companies hope that software developers will be able to create a wide variety of applications for use in the areas of energy management, security technology, and entertainment. Data security When asked whether that open-ness to partnership included being prepared to join Thread, a similar group based around Google, through its Nest Labs subsidiary, Samsung Electronics, Freescale Semiconductor, ARM Holdings plc Yale Security and Silicon Labs. The Thread group wants to create an IP-based wireless networking protocol for use in the smart home. “You cannot be part of every alliance,” said Mueller. “The groups we join will depend on our customers.” With further regard to intellectual property provider ARM, Mueller said: “ARM is very prominent. Many of our microcontrollers are ARM based but it is not strategic.” “In 2015 about 6 billion devices are connected to the Internet. We think that by 2020 30 billion devices will be connected and most of them will not be classic products, PCs, smartphones.” So Mueller is clearly a believer in the significance of IoT. “I think it will be transformational. But the term IoT is abstract. This transformation will be about specific applications that connect to the smartphone. It all depends on what you do with the data.” Which means that of all the things BCDS will be working on, data security and encryption will be among the most significant, said Mueller.

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