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EETE JULAUG 2014 A leading reference resource for electronics engineers, EE Times Europe’s White Paper library includes over 600 white papers, application notes, technical articles, books and case studies that can be downloaded free of charge. The latest featured papers are available below. Flexible and Low Power Driving of Solenoid Coils In many microcontroller applications inductive loads, such as monostable or bistable relays, valves, or lifting solenoids must be operated from higher supply voltages. Specifically in industrial applications they can often be 12 to 24 V, which have to be controlled with 3.3 V logic signals. The control should be as flexible and energy-saving as possible and should not impair the microcontroller’s operation through feedback disturbances during switching of inductive loads. Exploring the Business Model Evolution of High-Tech Equipment Manufacturers This paper discusses some of the challenges faced by today’s high-tech equipment manufacturers and goes further to uncover the evolution that has been taking place over a number of years. Modern high-tech equipment manufacturers are transitioning from what was once a pure hardware-based business model to a software-based business model. This paper goes further to illustrate some of the tools used by equipment manufacturers to successfully make the transition. Tools and methodologies that enable continued innovation, competitive advantage, better control of operational costs, and increased revenue by providing real added value for end users. Designing Capacitive Touch Sensors using MBR in 5 Easy Steps Traditional user interfaces are designed with mechanical buttons which can be unreliable, bulky, and unattractive. Capacitive buttons have begun to replace mechanical buttons, which blend into the product design and never wear out. Capacitive touch sensing solutions are the trend in user interfaces design. However user interface design with capacitive buttons is not easy. It’s often a laborious task for system engineers to implement a robust solution. This paper will focus on how to easily design capacitive touch sensors with MBR devices. Precision Industrial Systems Demand a New Level of Data Conversion Accuracy At the core of many precision industrial systems is an analog-todigital converter (ADC). The ADC plays a pivotal role, translating signals from the analog domain to digital for digital signal processing. The accuracy and performance of the ADC often defines the accuracy and performance of the overall system. I/O Interfaces - An STA Perspective Systems-on-chip and systems-in-package encounter a number of I/O interfaces in both chip and packaged designs. It is not unusual to see that a number of common I/O interfaces are implemented in the same chip in today’s highspeed IC designs (e.g., DDR2, SSTL, PCI-express etc.). An I/O interface is a means of communication between two sets of devices – the device under consideration and the outside world. Since, there is a communication going on, there must be some set of rules to govern the communication. Both the devices may act as transmitter and receiver. Data sent by one device is received by the other, and vice-versa. This set of rules, which governs the transmission and reception of signals, is what we term as an I/O interface. Localized Haptic Feedback for Touch Controls Haptic, or tactile, feedback has rapidly become familiar to consumers, mainly through their mobile devices. At the same time touch switches are increasingly replacing mechanical switches in appliance markets. Haptic feedback can enable clear benefits in mainstream appliance and similar touch control markets but the adoption of this technology has been held back by the perceived high cost of implementation and past issues with touch switch performance impacting reliability and quality. Most haptic solutions are based on vibrating the whole device, or at least the whole user interface module in larger appliances, which simply cannot provide a quality user experience. Then there is the challenge of reliably adapting a single solution across a wide range of touch switch applications. Electronic Engineering Times Europe July/August 2014 51

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