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EETE MAY 2013 High-Performance, high reliable Power Supplies 15 W to 12 kW+ adapted to your challenging projects l AC/DC Power Supplies l Rectifiers and Battery Chargers l DC/DC Converters l Sine-Wave Inverters l Phase and Frequency Converters l AC- Input, DC-output UPS systems l Open Frame l Wall mount l 19” Cassettes l DC-input dimmable back-light inverters for LCD displays l Complete Power Systems in 19" and 23" Racks ABSOPULSE Marketing Europe GmbH PoBox 1501 8620 Wetzikon CH Tel. +41 78 896 50 49 Fax +41 44 944 38 44 Write us: See us: Fig. 2: People counting flow chart from raw sensor data. handle people standing close together and pushing in or out of a vehicle. To get accurate results the heads need to be counted. The People Counter is mounted above doors or gates looking downwards to the floor with a FoV of 90° as shown in figure 3. Only the heads are seen by the sensor. Human heads have a specific shape which can be identified in the Depth image. Once such a shape has been detected it will be marked in the so called blob matrix as part of an object of interest. If the blob matrix has been created the tracker tries to identify each object of the new frame if it is part of an already existing object or a new one. If the object is already known the characteristics of the object will be adapted according to the information in the new frame. If the object is new it will be added to the object list. If one or more objects leave the region of interest the characteristics of the objects will be analyzed if they are valid. The counter value according to the direction will be increased and the objects will be deleted. The people counter can be integrated in existing installations by using an Ethernet or RS485 interface. The Ethernet interface enables a complete depth and amplitude image stream for later analysis or for security reasons. Aside of the tracking of people interactive user interfaces are entering daily life. The key element to every form of gesture and pose recognition is the detection of individual persons and to obtain an accurate skeleton model of the body, the limbs and even separate fingers. Electronic Engineering Times Europe May 2013 35

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