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EETE MAY 2014 The Newest Products for Your Newest Designs® We speak customer service fl uently. When it comes to delivering the newest products, faster, local knowledge is everything. Mouser has worldwide coverage providing professional and excellent sales service and technical support with invaluable local knowledge and experience. European Headquarters Germany Elsenheimerstr.11 80687, Munich +49 (0) 89 520 462 110 Authorised distributor of semiconductors and electronic components for design engineers. Incandescent lights sold 12 billion units per year at their peak. LEDs have the potential to be bigger than any other market that’s existed in power conversion. HW: How will you select markets you want to work with over the next decade? DB: The interesting thing about the battery charging and solid state lighting markets is that they share a common key application requirement – constant current drive. That is one of the things we try to do. We are a relatively small organisation and so we have to be careful about focus and leveraging what we’ve already mastered. HW: Do you see chargers becoming more intelligent? DB: We’re now looking at a situation where the power supply and the consumer product start talking to each other. The supply will identify the optimal charge profile with the result that the ‘‘One thing that could transform market growth for us is a stronger approach to mandating energy efficiency at government level…’ Electronic Engineering Times Europe May 2014 15 GlobalLoc_PanEuro_93x277.indd 1 14/04/14 15:21 user will have to wait less time for a full charge. HW: What changes do you see happening in the next decade? DB: We will see a situation where the switch is no longer physically wired to the light. It will no longer be constrained by being bolted to the wall. It may not even be on the wall in the future. But there will be a convergence in the Internet of Everything, where all appliances and controlling devices will be interconnected. HW: One way to rise in the eco-system is to provide more complex solutions. Do you see a point when you’ll provide complete solutions in intelligent lighting? DB: We don’t want to compete with our customers. We have considered whether there would be a bigger dollar return on shipping a bigger proportion of the solution. Could we go from chips to subsystems? We have always declined to do so, because our margins would go down. HW: Is there one change in the market that would make your life easier? DB: One thing that could transform market growth for us is a stronger approach to mandating energy efficiency at government level. Clearly incandescent light bulbs are being phased out, but that doesn’t apply to halogens, which are only marginally more efficient. And yet there is an LED alternative that is ten-times more efficient. HW: What changes do you see happening in the semiconductor industry? DB: There is increasing divergence in the semiconductor industry between companies chasing the ‘bleeding edge’ (sub-20nm) and companies like CamSemi, which simply cannot afford to play in that space. Every product we ship is based on a technology that is 20 years old and well proven. We want to be involved in areas where we can leverage the historical manufacturing infrastructure that has been left behind by the bleeding edge.

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