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EETE MAY 2014 A leading reference resource for electronics engineers, EE Times Europe’s White Paper library includes over 600 white papers, application notes, technical articles, books and case studies that can be downloaded free of charge. The latest featured papers are available below. USB 5V 2.5A Output, 42V Input Synchronous Buck with Cable Drop Compensation The LT®8697 is a compact, high efficiency, high speed synchronous monolithic step-down switching regulator designed to power 5V USB applications. A precise output voltage and programmable cable drop compensation maintain accurate 5V regulation at the USB socket connected to the end of a long cable. Forced continuous operation allows the LT8697 to sink current, further enhancing accurate 5V regulation during load transient Selecting the Best Inductor for Your DC-DC Converter The use of DC-DC converters is increasing. As electronic systems become more miniaturized, mobile, complicated, and popular, the power requirements become more varied. Proper inductor selection requires a good understanding of inductor performance and of how desired in-circuit performance relates to the information available in supplier data sheets. This paper discusses the key performance ratings engineers need to understand and evaluate when specifying power inductors for dc-dc conversion circuits. Supplying DC input power for HEV testing Hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) and electric vehicle (EV) test starts with a reliable and stable DC voltage in the range of a few kW to many tens of kW. High-power batteries, fast chargers, DC/DC converters, and battery electronic control units all require many kW of power during test at various voltage and current combinations. At these high power levels, protecting the device under test (DUT) is also very important. Non-chopper-stabilized versus chopperstabilized bipolar latching Hall-effect sensors Honeywell Sensing and Control has developed a high sensitivity and fast response bipolar latching sensor by using a quad Hall element without chopper stabilization. This new design offers high sensitivity, repeatability, and fast response time, that all contribute to an efficient BLDC motor design. This paper shows the results of a low gauss latch competitive evaluation performed by Honeywell, between Honeywell’s non-chopperstabilized SS460S bipolar latching Hall-effect sensor and five chopper-stabilized competitor Integrated Analog and Digital Power Supply for Remote Sensors Industrial encoders, optical sensors or laser modules are supplied via long lines with 24 V. This can vary +/-50% and have glitches/ noise. In high-precision sensors analog circuits supply voltages have to be as glitch-free as possible and working with microcontrollers on different supply voltages or drivers switching >100 mA. A DC/DC converter hybrid architecture provides an optimum solution to the supply needs of the analog and digital parts of sensors. Proper use of Field Analyzers at Lower Frequencies Most RF field probes are designed to measure only the root mean square (RMS) of a continuous wave (CW) electric field over a broad range of frequencies and amplitudes. This is not the case for the AR Field Analyzer. The AR Field Analyzer contains an embedded web-page that has the ability to measure CW and Modulated electric field or power density in the time domain using an oscilloscope-type display. Electronic Engineering Times Europe May 2014 51

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