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EETE OCT 2013 A leading reference resource for electronics engineers, E Times Europe’s White Paper library includes over 600 white papers, application notes, technical articles, books and case studies that can be downloaded free of charge. The latest featured papers are available below. High-voltage DC distribution is key for increased system efficiency The pressure throughout the energy supply chain to deliver electrical power more efficiently is intense and growing, particularly in high load applications such as datacenters. The latest white paper from Vicor highlights how a transition to 400 VDC for power transmission and conversion offers tangible and significant benefits for both sourcing options and system performance. And provides a significant response to initiatives for reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, lowering energy consumption and increasing use of renewable energy sources. Super-Heterodyne Signal Analyzers Signal analyzers encompass test and measurement receivers known as spectrum analyzers and vector signal analyzers. The signal analyzer is to the frequency domain what the oscilloscope is to the time domain: a general purpose test instrument that can measure and display electrical signals. Learning-center/ Clean Power Generation Makes for a Green Environment The cost of electricity around the world has been rising steadily over the past 40 years. The use of solar panels to generate clean energy can reduce and possibly eliminate consumer dependency on utility company power. The relative size and number of panels result in a wide variation of voltage and power availability. This wide variation can cause the need for multiple power stages to achieve the desired output voltage and maximum power levels. Fortunately, the LT8705 with its wide input voltage range and four regulation loops can reduce the number of power stages required offering a highly efficient simplified solution. Understanding Via Effects As the demand for fast computation and information transmission has increased dramatically in recent years, many designs have boards with signals operating in the multiple-Gbps range. With the signal speed changes come the new challenges of solving design issues never seen before. The electrical components of signal paths on boards and interconnects present problems, such as significant dielectric loss or impedance discontinuity from non-trace portion, which used to be ignored at lower signal speed. PLC/DCS Universal Analog Input Using Either 4 or 6 Pin Terminal Block The circuit shown in this whitepaper provides two, 16-bit, fully isolated, universal analog input channels suitable for programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and distributed control system (DCS) modules. Both channels are software programmable and support a number of voltage, current ranges and thermocouple, RTD types. The inputs are protected for dc overvoltage conditions of ±30 V. Silver Nanowires: A Superior Alternative to ITO Most touch screens require high quality transparent conductors. The incumbent technology for transparent conductors uses indium tin oxide (ITO) which is costly and not as efficient as existing alternatives. Cambrios’ ClearOhm coating material – an ink containing suspended silver nanowires – is more versatile, for a wide number of applications; Additionally, its flexibility allows OEMs the ability to further revolutionize and innovate the nextgeneration capabilities of the touch screen. EC Techniques for Enabling DRAM Caches with Off-Chip Tag Arrays Error correcting codes (ECCs) are widely used to provide protection against data integrity problems in memory. With continue scaling of technology and lowering of supply voltage, failures in memory are becoming more prevalent. Moreover, the usage and organization of DRAM have also been expanded. Integrating a largescale DRAM cache is a promising solution to address the memory bandwidth challenge, and this is becoming more compelling with 3D-stacking technology. To enable a highperformance DRAM cache, previous works have proposed storing a tag array off-chip with data in DRAM. The tag-and-data access inevitably changes the traditional access pattern to memory and brings new challenges to ECC schemes due to the granularity of the data access. Software Radio Handbook, 10th Edition The folks at Pentek, who wrote the book on software radio, are pleased to announce their expanded Software Radio Handbook. Updated recently to its 10th Edition, the handbook has proved to be a useful technical reference for engineers. It’s yours free, just click on the link below to download it! Handbook highlights: Technical methodologies for sampling and undersampling Principles of SDR and FPGAs’ role in software radio SDR board-level products and real-time recording and playback instruments Factory- installed FPGA IP cores for software radio Software radio example applications Including Beamforming and L-Band signal processing Electronic Engineering Times Europe October 2013 51

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